Accounting Solutions

In addition to analysing and implementing the best accounting model for the client’s needs and in accordance with tax regulations, we monitor the business sector, issue reports as necessary and provide ongoing tax assistance in matters related with taxation laws that may have an impact on tax returns.


The client’s accounting is performed at our offices by our technicians and under our responsibility.

The resulting output includes:

1. Monthly

1.1. Trial, Analytical and Cost Centre Balance Sheets.
1.2. Statements for all accounts with movements.
1.3. Journals of all movements.
1.4. Preparation and updating of the Assets File.

2. Occasionally, when Necessary or Requested

2.1. Working Account and Profit and Loss Account.
2.2. Chart of Freed Funds.
2.3. Chart on the Origin and Application of Funds.
2.4. Management Ratios Chart.

3. Annually

3.1. We submit the Accounts to the Tax Authorities via Internet by filling out all Forms and Annexes and by calculating Depreciation (constant or decreasing annual amounts, depending on what is most convenient, in accordance with the Results), Provisions, Adjustments and Capital Gains.
3.2. Annual statements of all accounts with movements.
3.3. Application of any Tax Benefits.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1. Periodic filling out of all VAT Returns and respective submittal via internet.
4.2. Preparation of the Annual Report, Accounts and Tax File.


Personnel Management

Personnel Management Service for your Company.

Salary processing and follow-up of all aspects related to labour laws.

Business Consultancy

We are your Business Consulting Partner.

Project analysis, development and follow-up. The right partner to ensure your initiatives are successful.

Tax Assistance

Taxation Follow-up for Your Business

We provide advice and support for all your company’s tax-related issues, thus giving you more time to manage your business.