Personnel Management

Personnel Management Service

Our tasks include follow-up for preparing the Personnel File and monthly Wage Processing; and also includes ongoing follow-up of all labour laws and the sector's labour agreements.


Wages are processed at our offices by our technicians, under our responsibility, according to the information submitted by the company, in particular, absenteeism, medical leaves and Insurance issues, overtime, holiday periods and/or other occurrences with an impact on wage processing.

The resulting output includes:

1. Monthly

1.1. Wage receipts
1.2. Social Security charts and respective submittal via internet.
1.3. Information on Bank Relations for Social Security.
1.4. Wages Chart with partial and total bonuses and discounts.
1.5. Charts for labour unions (if applicable).
1.6. Banking Lists for paying salaries by bank transfer.
1.7. Personal Income Tax payment slips (for employees) and respective submittal via internet.

2. Annually

2.1. Staff Charts for the Ministry of Labour.
2.2. Personal Income Tax returns for Category A employees.
2.3. Accumulated lists of wages and deductions
2.4. Lists for archiving personnel files

3. Miscellaneous

3.1. Filling out of Absenteeism Records and Holiday Records.



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